• Write notes, ideas drawings onto paper

    Can use regular paper

  • Store notes digitally

    Change brush strokes and colors

  • Capture stroke sequence

    Export as videos

  • Click one key to share

    Share with different social APPs

  • Seamless cross-device sharing

    Android and iOS support for smartphones, tablets, and iPads

Capture your thoughts at any time

Using Royole's flexible sensor technology,easily capture
your notes, drawings, or random thoughts, in real-time. 2048
force-touch handwriting sensitivity to accurately capture the
most subtle strokes.
Uses plain paper and standard pen refills.


RoWrite Makes the Ideal
Business Companion.

Easily capture and share notes with coworkers in real-time.
Or, transfer at a later date.
Seamlessly share design ideas and renderings with clients.

Create what you want,
Share whenever you wish-太阳国际娱乐城

RoWrite digitally captures your notes and sketches
so you can edit by adding color or changing pen stroke thickness and opacity.
When finished share your creativity, even a video, with family and friends.

Capture and share cherished
childhood artwork

Save those precious moments with RoWrite, so they’re not lost in time.
And, easlily share with family and friends.

Elegant, Quality Built, Functional Folio

Looks good protecting your RoWrite and Pen

RoWrite uses Royole's patented flexible sensor technology for ultimate performance

Powerful magnets keep paper secure

Sleek, lightweight, sophisticated design

Product Details

Flexible sensor technology

Highly efficient work with no latency
and discontinuity points

Bluetooth core specifications. Version 4.2

Promise greater speed and better
user experience

No need to install drivers

Compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Click one key to share

Share your creativity with a variety of social media applications.

RoWrite APP-www.21320011.com

The RoWrite app helps make your
creativity come alive.


Download RoWrite APP

Easily share memories with family and friends.