Moon OS
unlimited possibilities

Access to a wide variety
of entertainment

With multiple input methods from onboard memory to HDMI to a Wi-Fi browser that makes the entire internet available to you, there is little you cannot access with the Moon.

Mainstream video apps installed

Wide Variety of Content

Enjoy content from multiple sources
and share between devices

Moon allows you to transfer content to its internal storage via the internet or USB connection. In addition, Moon features an HDMI port for set-tops, PCs and game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Multimedia Cast


Storage 32G/128G

USB connection

Moon OS designed
to easily manage your content

Our unique Moon OS allows users to freely discover content and personalize their Moon deviceThe Moon OS is a simple and intuitive interface which will allow web browsing and loading of internal memory with personal content.

Open system download

Highly intuitive user interface

Royole Moon

Mobile Control APP

Royole's proprietary flexible electronic technology
for improved control sensitivity and precision

Built with Royole's proprietary technology, Moon features a touch control system to allow volume control and easy, precise menu navigation. Moon features the most advanced sensor technology available today. It allows control with the slightest swipe or tap of your finger.


Flexible electronic

Four directional slide

Single tap to confirm, double tap to return, swipe to control

Clockwise swipe volume control wheel to adjust volume

Multiple functionality
at your finger tip

The advanced sensor grid and Moon OS gives you a simple way to interact with Moon. From swipes on the outer ring to adjust volume to gently swiping or tapping your finger on the sensor circle, the control of the Moon OS is intuitive and at the leading edge of technology.

24-bit for undistorted audio
and video

The Moon employs a 24-bit sampling rate to ensure the best audio and video source file quality. This avoids transmission loss and allows movie enthusiasts to truly appreciate their film. Find a comfortable place, relax , and enjoy your personal cinematic experience.

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