Getting it right
in every detail-大阳城集团娱乐网2138

The world's first foldable design
takes Moon wherever you go

The world's foldable design let's the theater experience go where you go. Whether in your living room, on the plane, or to entertain kids on a road trip, the Moon is there with you.


Perfect travel companion

World's first foldable design


The best of
audio and video in one

Whether a movie or a video game both video and audio must be the highest quality. Separate engineering teams perfected the video and audio with the Moon as the result. The Moon is the combination of a high end video display and a high fidelity headphone set.

Audio and video in one

Three stunning colors

The Moon is available in three colors:black with matte finish, gold with matte finish, and white with high-gloss finish.

The box is small,
lightweight, and powerful

The 6000 mAh battery provides you with 5 hours of movie watching and video game play on one charge. The quick charge system incorporated on the Moon is two times faster than mainstream smartphones and charge the battery in 2 hours or less.

faster than mainstream smartphones

Last for 5 hours

Warmth and Breath
from Technology

To celebrate the ideal that technology is art and part of who we are as humans we have given the Moon a life which you can see in its pulsating logo.

Lightweight, padded, and breathable
immersion mask for hours of comfortable

Who leaves the door open in the theater? The specially designed immersion mask is designed for comfort. It cradles your face and blocks out distracting ambient light leaving you with only your movie playing in your private theater. The mask is lightweight, padded and breathable to avoid fogging. All the elements come together to create a relaxing, comfortable experience.

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