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Royole CEO Dr. Bill Liu participated on a panel discussion with Apple co-founder and personal computer pioneer, Steve Wozniak.

2017-07-19Press Release

Royole CEO Dr. Bill Liu participated on Tuesday, July 18, in Shenzhen, China, on a panel discussion with Apple co-founder and personal computer pioneer, Steve Wozniak. The discussion focused on Human-Machine Interaction Technology. Steve designed the first and second-generation Apple products, game-changing devices which marked a new era in personal computing. Woz stated that engineers shouldn’t set rules during the process of design and engineering. Setting rules can inhibit external insights, limiting creativity. In the end, you’ll learn how to deliver a better customer experience.

The two visionaries exchanged ideas for more than an hour. Woz described the technology as “incredible” while viewing Royole’s introduction video showing their game-changing World’s Thinnest Flexible Display. He believes this new display technology will have an enormous impact on a variety of industries. Woz also took time to demo the Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater. He was impressed with Moon’s stunning industrial design, 3D capability (without the need for 3D glasses), and premium product quality – calling the experience “amazing”.


Bill was extremely honored to speak with Steve – an idol for many engineers. They discussed the present and future of technology development. Woz hopes human-machine interaction technology will help people communicate more freely with the world.

Background on Steve Wozniak:

Steve Wozniak cofounded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976 when he was only 26 years old. Apple launched a new era in the PC industry and changed the way people use touch screen phones, mice, and keyboards.Their groundbreaking products changed the way people communicate with the world to this day.

Information on Dr. Bill Liu:

While attending Stanford University in 2006, Dr. Bill Liu, at only 23 years of age, developed the fundamental ideas behind flexible display technology. In 2012, Bill founded Royole Corporation and, just two years later, announced the world’s thinnest flexible display. Within a short four years, the company has designed and developed innovative ways for people to interact with their world through flexible display and flexible sensor technologies.