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RoWrite Tutorials



Long press the left button for 2 seconds to open or close RoWrite.

After the slate is powered on, the blue light will flicker at low frequency, indicating that the device is in working condition.

【Low Battery】

When the battery is low, the red light will keep flickering, and please charge it in time.


When the slate is connected to the power supply, the green light will be on once it is fully charged.

Each charging allows continuously writing for 20 hours, and the standby time can be up to more than 40 days.

【Standby / Wake-up】

If you cannot be perceived using the slate for 20 minutes, RoWrite will automatically go into a standby mode, but it can be waked up after you click button On/Off.

So when you start writing again, please pay attention to the light that whether it is working or not, so as not to miss recording your notes.


The green light will be on when you start writing, or the blue light will be on. And that means you’ve finished one recording already.

Please check whether the battery inside is running out if the green light is not on when you start writing.

【New Page】

When you replace a new piece of paper actually, click the button B at the top left of RoWrite, and you will also create a new piece of paper in the system virtually.


【Data Transmission】

When you finish your writing on the slate, please click button A at the top left and synchronize data inside to mobile terminal.

The green light will flicker rapidly when transmitting data. The data in the slate will be cleared once the transmission is finished.

【Device Bonded】

Scan the QR code below, or search for RoWrite in APP markets to download the APP.

After opening the APP, you can go to the [Device Connected] interface. Please check if the slate is powered on once no device is found at this time. If the connection is successful, the blue light will be on.

The device only needs to be bonded once. Then each time after opening the APP, it will automatically connect and synchronize the data in the slate.

【Install the Battery Inside】

Use No.9 battery and place it inside after you spin the battery cover at the end of the pen anticlockwise. 

【Replace Refill】-2138a太阳集团

D1 refill available on the market can be allowed to use. And there are a variety of colors, such as black, blue and red. Accessories will be later on the official website .